Friday, July 12, 2013

A Certain Birthday Boy!

Baby Alexander turned one June 29th!  Man does time fly!

We received our invitation in the mail a few weeks back (top was the front, and bottom was the backside).  They kids were so excited, they shouted, "Let's Go!" . . . sadly I had to remind them that Alexander and the guys lived in Australia, so we wouldn't be able to make it this year, or most for that fact.

On the morning of Alexander's birthday we were able to Skype!  Actually, it was his birthday in Australia but for me in the U.S. it was still the day before :)

We had a great visit and it meant the world to me that M & S made sure I took part in their special day.  Later, he had his party with close friends and family and it looks like he had a great time.

What an awesome cake he had!

Of course, anything that requires mailing from me is always late, so his gift has been sitting in my house for more than a month now.  Gesh, I suck.  You'd think I'd get better at it, but I don't.

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