Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool? New Belly? Pool? New Belly? Damn it!

So my husband and I are getting estimates about getting an in ground pool built. We figure since our home is worth half what we bought it for and we're under a good $250,000, might as well get cozy for the next few decades we'll be living here. I'd say LOL, but it's more like WOL (weep out loud).

This is something we planned to do when we first bought this house almost six years ago- it's kind of how I agreed to move to a town of less than 6,000 with a handful of eating out choices and a good hour from the nearest GAP and Banana Republic. A pool would be worth it. Then we decided that at gazebo and hot tub would suffice and be tens of thousands less. It worked for a bit. Then later, we decided to invest money in a friends start -up (instead of getting a pool) . . . the business went bankrupt and we never got our money back.

Let me preface this next part by explaining that I've said from the get go, once I'm completely done having babies for others, I'm getting this extra skin hacked off and my boobs put back where they belong. Birthing 7 babies (which included two sets of twins) has done quite the number on my body. So I finally decided that I'd do one more surrogacy, the third is the charm, right? Which means putting off the "mommy makeover" for another year or so . . . but I know it will be there.

Now . . . here we are again in our pool discussions . . . we're setting up a few consults and Rick tells me, "You know, it's either a pool or your new belly" . . . What?! Why can't I do both? (stupid question) RIck is still not sold on the pool totally, it is tons of money, but I think he thought I'd say Belly. Silly man, doesn't he know me as a mom yet (after almost 10 years of being one?) . . . I will pick my kids over myself EVERY TIME . . . so if we do end up going through with the pool this summer or next year, I will be the lady in the swim dress, with the pounds of excess belly skin floating while teaching my kids how to do a proper flip-turn.

Unless anyone knows if there's a kickstarter for putting surrogates back together? I can post BEFORE and AFTER Pictures . . . and let the donations start rolling in? Haha! I may be onto something.


TXSurromom said...

My friend just had the same dilemma and ended up with an above ground pool and they're going to build a deck and a cabana.

I'd have to go with the new belly too.

Madgew said...

There is a kickstarter for everything. I am sure you will do both. Save some of the third surrogacy money for yourself.:)

Ashley said...

That is a very hard decision!! I am so not sure what I would decide. I'm all for both =) And you definitely deserve it. I will be getting my lift and tuck after my next baby (multiples does a number on the body!). I think we surrogates put our body at risk, but every saggy inch is well worth it. Let the savings begin!!

one faux mommy said...

true story - i knew a surro who had twins for a single daddy in europe somewhere. he paid for her tummy tuck and boob job after the twins were born! it was negotiated into her contract. find a couple like that! ha!

Andrea said...

Surro-sister pool party sleep over at Kelly's house!!!!