Friday, July 1, 2011

The Screening . . . Part 2- Psychological

The Screening . . . Part 1- Physical can be found HERE.

On to Part 2, the Psychological Screening!

I left Dr. Kolb's office in a great mood. Nailed it! ;)
I can't report that they threw a Ticker Tape Parade for my Uterus, but I could totally tell they wanted too . . . I mean, like, if they had more time to prepare. It's not their fault. I'm sure when GG emailed them about me doing my screening, they wrote down Kelly Rummelhart but didn't realize it was THE KELLY RUMMELHART.

So, onto Growing Generations Office to complete my Screening. When the cab pulled up in front of the building, for a moment I thought I was at the wrong place. I had totally forgot that they moved across the street since the last time I was there. I got in the elevator and took it up to the 13th floor. As I walked out, I peered down the hallway . . . ah, there it is. Behind these doors, the very FIRST STEP of a creating a family takes place

I rang the bell and was greeted by a few of their Staff, including CEO and Co-Owner, Stuart. We chatted for a while and then they introduced me to another Surrogate Candidate that just happened to be from Sacramento. (I swear, Sacramento is a Hot Bed for Surros!) I told her all about how I LOVED being a Growing Generations Surrogate and how once she is cleared, to email me to join our Facebook Group.

Dr. Kim Bergman wasn't there that day (kind of a bummer since she was such a support in my last journey and right after), so instead I spoke with her intern Trudi. It was very similar to the last two times I had spoken with the psychologist at Growing Generations (Fertility Counseling Services, Inc). We discussed several things like . . .
* Why I wanted to be a surrogate.
* What my last two journeys were like.
* What I was looking for in IPs and a match (during/after) and What my ideal IPs would be like.
* If I had any plans for the money.
* Who would be the most supportive in my journey.
* If there was anyone in my life that wasn't okay with my decision, or wouldn't be supportive
. . . . and many other topics.

It was nice to talk about surrogacy and my hopes and dreams. The whole time Trudi was listening and typing notes on her laptop. She typed several more letters than just "SHE BE CRAZY, OH HELL NO!" So I think I'm good!

Later I took my psychological assessment . . . this is always my favorite. A few of the questions are exactly like an activity I facilitate in the Human Sexuality class I teach. I am in the Psychology Department, so I use the activity it to teach my students about Social Desirability within surveys and questionnaires. I know at other agencies, the surrogates take the Psychological Exam at home with a scantron sheet. At Growing Generations, it's on a computer. I'll take a mouse over a #2 Pencil any day!

The first time I took the test, I giggled through several questions but the second and third time, besides laughing, I tried to think of what type of meaning they are getting from my answers. And sometimes, questions come up that I know I'm answering "undesirably" but I am being honest.

Some of my favorites . . .

* Yes, I do enjoy talking about Sex. After all, it is my job. Does it look better if I say I get paid well for it? No! Wait!

* True?! No False! No True! Damn it! What is considered "Unusual"?
I have some pretty "Non-Vanilla" friends so my gage of "usual" is a bit off kilter. ;)

The question, "Much of what is happening to me now seems to have happened to me before," is equally difficult.
* Yes, this is my third time taking this test . . . I have flown to LA several times in the last year . . . I have stayed in two different Westin hotels in the last week, I have been to a fertility doctor before . . . AUGH!!!!! What do you want from me??!!!!

So now, with both my psychological and physical screenings behind me. We just sit and wait to hear that we've cleared. I am feeling very good about it. I have been cleared two times before and I didn't get escorted out of the building by security . . . . and I'd say that was a positive sign in itself!


Madgew said...

I would assume you will be picked again. I would think age is the only thing about you that has changed and of course your body but the physical was fabulous so I am sure you are good to go. Can't wait to follow along.

The Future Bride said...

You really are such an inspiration to me. I didn't get to experience the last two journeys with you (through blogs of course), but I look forward to hopefully experiencing this one with you and reading all about it step by step! When my aunt was a surro, she definitely went through the same thing with the psych questions and was pretty comedic in trying to figure out what they were getting from her answers. It's definitely interesting to see other surro-heroes going through the same thought process!

Dalia said...

It was so funny when we went for my screening this last time, too. We were positive we were being dropped off at the wrong place as well. I looked at the building number and my little itinerary many times and the poor cab driver was just looking at us like "Get the f*** out of my cab already." LOL

momof4 said...

love this post and would love to see all your answers to those questions;) Soooooo flippin happy you are on the go for another!

Melissa Bowyer said...

HA! Love it..I am so privileged that I get to know THE Kelly Rummelhart...well, virtually anyway!! Can't wait to see what is in store for your uterus:)

Kelli said...

Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for supporting our documentary and posting in on your blog (I'm the Kelli in the film, btw)! We're really hoping things take off and we get funded! Thanks for your support! <3

LovelyMrsJessica said...

Oh, I remember the Psychological questions. My Very First Question was " I often find myself constipated. TRUE OR FALSE" Threw me off a bit at first.

I'm going for my face to face meeting this Thursday, and I am very excited, and nervous.

Best of Luck to you.


Natalie S. said...

I LOVE that you took pictures of the screen. I totally wanted to, but was scared that the lights would start blinking and the floor below me would drop out and I would find myself sitting in the lobby with nothing but a taxi voucher for my efforts. :)

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

@Natalie- I did ask if I could, you know just in case ;)