Friday, May 13, 2011

Visiting my Girlies!

On Easter, my family and I had the pleasure to go visit George, Sanj and the girls. We were only able to hang out for about an hour or two (Easter with the in-laws) but we had some Easter goodies for Natasha and Anjali and we were dying to see them . . . especially after the videos they sent me.

The day started out memorable with my son Sawyer spilling a completely full cup of hot cocoa all over the floor. Luckily, by now George and Sanj are used to having twins that spill things. When you don't have kids, the spills can get annoying. It reminds me of our trip last summer in LA visiting out other surro-family. The guys insisted it was fine for the kids to eat pizza in the living room while we hung out and ate in the dining room . . . Fast forward to about fifteen minutes later and there are greasy handprints all over their couch. Last month, when their house was on the market, I swore you could see the handprint in the listing. :) And when I flew down last month to visit, the couch wasn't there anymore. I laughed and asked if they threw it away because of the grease but I guess the buyers wanted it (and the handprints came out) . . . or at least that's the story they gave us!

Anyway . . . . after the hot cocoa spill everyone took turns playing games on my iPad (no one played Smurf's Village)


and then next was an impromptu Yoga class. Ruby does yoga as part of her Physical Education at school and was teaching the girls some of her favorite poses




Eventually we had to go (about 5 hours less than most of our visits) so they walked us out knowing they would see us again soon. Gosh I love them!


Elise said...

Thanks for sharing this :) I'm feeling luckier every day that my surro son is only 45 minutes away!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful. A whole other family you helped create and they love sharing it with you.

Heidi said...

How fun! I love the impromptu yoga class.

Andrea said...

I LOVE it that you keep in contact and visit your surro-families.

Krystal said...

So cute! I love the yoga pics! :-)

Dalia said...

What a wonderful visit! I was able to visit my IFs in March 4 months after I gave birth to their little girl and it was an amazing visit. I wish we could do more :-(

I love the impromptu yoga class & especially the fact she has yoga at school. How cool is that :-)