Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Venus of Willendorf Mother's Day Gift

Wanted to share with you the awesome Mother's Day Gift that my father and Step-mom sent me. The picture is the actual Venus of Willendorf, but my parents sent me my own replica figurine and I LOVE IT!

They know me so well! I guess once you buy yourself a custom uterine plush, you send the message that "normal" gifts just won't do! ;)

You may have seen this work of art before, but if not, it is a limestone carving of a female figure. This piece of prehistoric art was carved around 22,000 BCE. Several people believe that it celebrates fertility (hence the larger breasts, abdomen, etc). I know modern day c-sections were not the cause of her abdominal roll, but it certainly looks like the c-section "apron" that several women I know have been left with, including myself!

Of course with Art, just like Poetry, everyone can have their own opinion of meaning. When I see this figurine, it makes me think of a someone very similar to me . . . someone who has had several children (maybe some of them not her own), someone who carried either big babies or multiples, someone who used their body to bring about love and life and was left rounded, stretched and soft but above all a selfless mother.


Anonymous said...

Love this Kelly. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Great gift for you for mother's day.

Anonymous said...

What you have done is so lovely and unselfish.I have been a mom for 42 years. Giving the gift of a child to those whose misfortune make it impossible for them to give birth themselves is one of the most human and generous things anyone could do. I am also an art history professor: the Venus of Willendorf is a primal image of love and renewal. Womanly beauty is a much deeper thing than the commercialized kind seen on tv and in magazines.It is both outside and inside. Standards change with time and culture: real beauty is immortal.Never, ever quit, beautiful woman.