Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surrogate Get Together


About a week ago I got together with other Growing Generations Surrogates that live around the Sacramento area. It is always great to talk with other women who really "get it" . . . it is soooo amazing. However, I don't think our waiter was as amazed since we were at our table for at least five hours. I do think it's important to mention that we did tip very well. How could we not after monopolizing his table that long and forcing him to edure stories of IVF, pregnancy and birth as he filled our drinks several times.

I also think it was funny the amount of times everyone went pee. I guess our bladder's aren't what they used to be! LOL

FYI- Between the 6 Surrogates in this picture, we will have birthed at least 13 babies for 8 different Gay Couples! (Yay Babies!)
At the time of this luncheon 3 of us had already delivered twins (myself, more than once), 1 just found out she was pregnant and the other two were 25 and 36 weeks pregnant, respectively. That was one fertile table! :)


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful.

Jennifer said...

How fun! I love the surrogate get togethers.