Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My NOH8 Photo is Finally Here!

Yay! The NOH8 Campaign uploaded the pictures from the photo shoot during SF PRIDE. I loved looking through everyone's pictures. I do like my photo, although I am a bit bummed there wasn't much belly in it. Perhaps they were doing me a favor and it had a funny shape or something :)


Here's THE LINK to my picture but bigger

Stacie and Heather's photos turned out Great too!

They're doing another photo shoot in Seattle in August, part of me wants to go since my belly will be even bigger, but it's the same weekend as an important clothing buying event for my store. Oh well :(
Seeing my picture makes me daydream about taking a Creative Group shot with both my sets of IPs and their children, with me in the middle. How AWESOME would that be?!!

The next step . . . I have to write my Why I Posed blog, but I'm pregnant and tired, so I'll do that later.

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Heidi said...

It looks like you guys had a great time for a great cause. Love the look gorgeous darling! =)