Monday, July 12, 2010

Kids say the greatest things . . .

I know, we've all heard this but it is doubly true when it's about a Surrogacy. Whether they're saying funny things about you being pregnant or educating others about surrogacy, it can be priceless. Here are a few and I will add more as things are said or as I remember from the last time. Feel free to post yours in the Comment Section!

Some of my favorites so far-

* Preston (my 7 year old) . . . "Wow Mom, your belly is like Kung Fu Panda's belly."

* Sawyer (my 3 year old) when he ran into my belly in the hallway . . . "Those babies hit me."

* Ruby (was 7 years at the time) when she was answering a classmate who told her 2 men can't have babies . . . "What do you mean? George and Sanj are having babies."

* Preston (7 yrs) when a stranger was helping me move a box into the back of my van at Sam's Club . . . "My mom has 2 babies in her belly . . . . but they aren’t ours . . . ”

* A little girl at Preston's dance class (age 7yr) . . . "So, those babies aren't yours? You aren't keeping them? . . . "You don't like them or something?"

* The same little girl when she saw me wearing my bellybuds . . . "They can hear Music? Cool. . . . (then whispering) Can they hear me right now?"

* Ruby (my 8 year old daughter) when she found out my IP's had recorded children's stories on the bellybuds and when I told her no . . . "Ohhhhh, Can I listen to the stories? . . . . But I don't want to read them myself."


Heather said...

I was a single mom but dating and my son age 4 pulled me aside one time and said "Mom you have to hurry up and marry Hurly! You can't have that baby unless you are married!!"
....not quite sure *who* he had been talking to, but apparently having a baby for 2 men was okay, but I better not have it out of wedlock!

We went on to have a baby of our own before "Hurly" (nickname for my DH) and I got hitched!

Mickey said...

"Those babies hit me." Priceless!

I hope you punished them! No TV for a week!