Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gender and Dreams

Since I put up the Gender Poll on the blog I've had several people ask me what gender I think the babies are. Honestly, I have no idea or "feelings" at all. I've come to the conclusion that the "feelings" that you have with your own pregnancy are just that. When you are pregnant with a baby (or babies) that ARE NOT your own . . . it's not the same at all. There is no dreaming about the future, what she'll be . . . what his voice will sound like . . . . what names you prefer . . . . or how you're going to totally mess them up somehow. None of that is there- because you don't have to think about what color to paint the room, what baby gear to buy, or how in the heck you're going to save enough money for College. With that being said, I have no idea whatsoever- None, Nada, Zilch.

However, I do know that whether I give birth to 2 boys, 2 girls or one of each the Intended Parents will be incredible. And I can guarantee that everything that I'm not thinking or worrying about (above mentioned items, plus preschool, future boyfriends/girlfriends) they ARE thinking, dreaming, and waking up sweating about. So, I'll just leave that part to them and I'll continue to think about how to alleviate heartburn, how in the heck I'm going to make it upstairs and into my elevated bed in the months to come and sweat about if my husband will really bathe my toddler when I can't sit on the stool hovering over the bathtub weeks from now. I have seen images of women with twins at the end and it doesn't look like I can bathe myself, let alone my 3 kids!

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