Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FILLED with Pride 2012

Stacie and I will be WWWAAAAAYYYYY to pregnant too head to SF Pride this year so we decided to give Long Beach a try and we had a great time. First of all, our friend Heather, who joined us the last two years, couldn't make it this year because she was almost due with her own child (as opposed to the 3 surro babies she has carried in the last few years). Well, it's a good thing she didn't come because she went into labor this weekend! We got a voicemail while walking around the festival Saturday that she was in labor and when we woke up Sunday morning for the parade, she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Now, before I proceed . . . a reminder of the last few years:

2011- Allie the Ally's 2011 Pride Adventure

San Francisco PRIDE 2010-Surro friends weekend!

Also a quick Shout Out to Stacie's husband Paul who always does a great job taking my ideas and making them into shirts for us . . . and he doesn't charge me ;)

If you'd like to purchase the shirts seen in our picture- CLICK HERE

Now back to our adventure . . . since we were able to celebrate near LA a few other Surrogates came along for the ride. Andrea who is preggo and Laura who is preggo, both for Gay dads joined us. Also, Amy, a Surrogate friend who flew all the way from Minnesota joined us too! She gave birth to 8 pound twins (yes 8 pounds each) for two dads about six months ago. She was in town re-screening for Growing Generations for her second journey that will start in the next few months. Talk about great timing!

We all had a wonderful time and Stacie and I were even able to stop by and hang out with Gideon and Harper for a few hours on Sunday before we flew back. They are getting sooo big and are just a load of fun! Wish I could share a picture, but you know the drill.

We all discussed Chicago Pride for 2013 but after the Parade, Vegas may be a contender as well. You'll just have to wait and see!

Forgot to share this picture . . . sent it to M & S (Intended Parents) to show them how much fun their fetus was having at the festival Photobucket And here's a photo of me, Amy and Stacie Photobucket


Anonymous said...

So glad you saw Gideon and Harper.

Jeff and Kevin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! We just realized we fly back to DC the day of our pride festival. Would probably be a bit much to take a 2wk baby to though... Next year for sure :)

The Deputy said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm going to be around 7.5 months along for NY Pride, and I'm super psyched (I'm gay and so are the dads, so it's a whole bunch of gay). Thanks for the T-shirt inspiration -- I'm thinking of going the body paint route but I haven't decided on what yet!

Mike and Tony said...

I was just reading about your weekend on Andrea's blog. I said it to her and I will say it to you. I am completely moved by, not only the gift you ladies are giving to your IFs, but by the pride you have in creating families for gay men. Truly incredible and amazing. Wow.