Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Surro Shirts for Pride

I think we have a WINNER!!!!


Or Maybe Two?


Some of you have seen the magic that is The MuthaCrafter . . . I, like many other Surrogates and Moms have used her art as a profile picture on Facebook and even have a few things posted throughout my blog, based around her idea.

On her Facebook Fan page she explains the idea began in 2007, while she was a few months pregnant and selling her jewelry at a craft fair. She looked around and thought, "I'm the craftiest bitch here, I am making people!" (Doesn't she sound like someone I could hang out with?)

She sells her items on several different sites, including Etsy and Cafe Press.

My surro friend Stacie and I decided that we wanted to use a compalation of her ideas (and have her design them since it's her original artwork) for our PRIDE shirts this year. So we messaged her that we wanted her graphic, but with the rainbow circle we have seen her use in the past along with either, "Proud Surrogate" or "I make families. What's your Super Power" on it.


I'm going to probably get one of each . . . Proud Surrogate and The Super Power one. I find that one can never have enough customized clothing to show off ones' uterus.


Jeff and Kevin said...

Our pride is this weekend in DC. I want one that says "our surrogate is an (amazing) ally"
You ladies are the bombdigity.

momof4 said...

love them all Kelly! Getting one asap!

Anonymous said...

I just ADORE you! These are GREAT!!!

Bethany said...

Awesome!!! I want to get one too!!!!

Sorta OT: Can I use this for my avatar on another site or does she have it copy-written?