Friday, March 30, 2012

Someone is getter bigger!

Here are some photos from the 20 week ultrasound. The Tech said everything looks great and he's measuring on target for his gestation . . . except that he has long legs. Apparently his femur measured 35 weeks! How tall was that egg donor? :) Oh and yes, there was a penis confirmation- BOY it is. :)

In this video, the tech was getting his lips (top center) and trying to make it look like he was squishing them on a glass mirror!


Jesse said...

Great photo/video!!

I must have missed this, but do you know for sure that it's a boy??

Anonymous said...

Great photos. The video is too hard for me to follow but it is exciting. I see the heart pumping away.

Jeni said...

20 weeks?! When did that happen?!

He's a cutie!

braejuma said...

Love ultrasound pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Ellen said...

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Anonymous said...


I just love your blog! I found growing generations back in January and started reading your blog one night. I applied to be a surrogate the next day. (I had been thinking about it for years, it was not as spur of the moment as I just made it sound)

I was matched with a couple about two weeks ago and I'm currently waiting to be contacted by the lawyers to sign the contract.

I will enjoy following your final journey as I begin my first. I have taken your advice and started a blog of my own to keep friends, family, and of course the IPs informed. My blog is if you want to see what you have inspired :)

Thanks again,