Friday, September 2, 2011

Echo . . . . Echo

The hardest thing about having my own blog and blogging for The Next Family is trying not to repeat myself. I planned on writing an update here the other day but my life has been crazy lately . . . kids started school, I'm teaching Full Time at the College this semester, had to travel out of town to meet my IPs last week and for a family event and to order clothes for next Spring for my Store, Ruby Q's. I really did plan on writing it but I'm exhausted . . . so here is the link to the Update I posted on the other blog about our AWESOME in person meeting with my IP's last week.

I wanted to do it justice on this site too but seriously, I'm still running around like a crazy woman . . . so to summarize . . . WE LOVE THEM, WE LOVE THEM, WE LOVE THEM. I am so excited to proceed in this journey. M and S, my IPs, have given me permission to blog about our journey. They said it was okay to use their names, but I'm going to just do initials. When we were down in LA with them, one of the things I kept thinking is how George and Sanj would like them too. I now have this day dream of a year or two from now, my family flying over to Australia to go visit M, S and their baby and meeting up with George, Sanj and my surro-girlies (Sanj has relatives close to where M and S live). . . ONE BIG, HAPPY, PICNIC! Ahhhhh LOVE!

Now, the only update I have now, that I didn't have for TNF blog was that it looks like we may have our Calendar by the end of September . . . which would mean an October transfer . . . which could mean July delivery . . . which for my teaching gig would be Perfect!

More later!

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Wonderful all the way around.