Friday, April 16, 2010

New Girlie Pics!

Nothing makes me want to go visit my surro girlies as much as when I receive pictures of them . . . growing up so fast!

Here's Natasha

and here's Anjali

These pics are killing me! I'm stoked to see some hair clips in their gorgeous hair because I'm a big fan of hair clips and bows and have tons at my store that I can send them! :)

I definitely have to figure out a trip up there soon. It's been since early February that I saw them last. My life has just been so busy as of late with my business, teaching and life in general but I need to make the time! I will be going up in June for Pride (different post to follow) but I can't wait that long!

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RebekahRose said...

SUPER cuteness!!! <3