Friday, April 2, 2010

George and Sanj, Celebrity Parents!

George, Sanj, Natasha and Anjali are visiting Los Angeles this week and are having a great time. Besides visiting some friends they stopped by the offices at Growing Generations and Pacific Fertility Center to show off the cutest twin girls ever. Unfortunately, with it being Easter weekend I was unable to go with them. *sigh* I thought it was a great idea when they asked me a few weeks back, especially after how much fun we had visiting our OB and delivery Hospital back in December . . but I had family flying in and some furry feet (Easter Bunny) to fill, so it didn't work out this time. *update* Yeah - I just got a picture! Here's my surro-family with Dr. Sahakian.


They said they had a great time and they were even recognized as the Dads from my blog!

They aren't being followed by Paparazzi or anything but I got a text from them saying another surrogate recognized them from the blog! They thought it was so great and felt like "Celebrities" :)

Later I got a Facebook message from the surrogate, Ashley, telling me about how the funniest thing happened to her today . . . she ran into my old IP's at the fertility center. She was there with her IPs, also a gay couple from the Bay Area and our IPs began talking. She said, " We all were speaking for awhile and they started to look very familiar. So finally I asked them, "does your surrogate have a blog?!?" They said yes, "Just the Stork!!" It was so funny. They were so so nice and the girls were so gorgeous . . . Anyway, thought I would share that with you!! Small world!!"

It is a small world because not only did someone recognize George and Sanj but I just found Ashley's blog a few weeks back. What makes her journey VERY interesting to me is she just found out she's carrying triplets, yes, TRIPLETS!!! I've received Ashley's permission to share her blog with you all if you are as interested as I am in her journey:

Someone Else's Bun is in My Oven!!

I'm sure I'll update this post when I get pictures . . . so until then, keep your eyes open because they next person to see George, Sanj and the girls in person COULD BE YOU!!!


Mommy with Many Gifts said...

I LOVE it!!! So happy I got to meet them. They are wonderful. Keep up the fabulous work... you are awesome!!

Idyll Musings said...

If Mark and I ever decide to try and have a baby, could we get you to be the oven?!?! Your babies all come out so beautiful and happy!!