Monday, June 16, 2008

More Good News!

To quote my OB, " . . . with every ultrasound, we keep getting better news . . . "

Last week we had our first appointment with the Sacramento Maternal-Fetal Medicine Medical Group. We were told we would get to know this group well since previous ultrasounds had shown only one placenta. On Thursday, we were there for the Nuchal Translucency Screening.Like most ultrasounds, I did have to drink 16 ounces of water an hour before my appointment (been there, done that). However, I've never had to wait so long for an appointment and have it take so incredibly long. I drank my water at 12:45 and was finally able to pee about 4:00! I was ready to bust (or cuss at someone).

We will find out later how the test turned out, but it looked pretty good to me. FYI- that doesn't mean much since I'm not trained in this area, but I did google a lot and saw pictures, and ours looked like the ones that were fine. If it turns out I'm right, perhaps I should open my own practice? My waiting room would at least have a fish tank :)

Durning the ultrasound they looked at the placenta more closely and reported to my OB that the pregnancy is Dichorionic (two placentas) not monochorionic (one placenta) which is what everyone previously thought. This is great news because there are possible complications with only one placenta and two fetus'. And the best news, that we've known for awhile is that they are diamniotic, which means each fetus has its own sac- which is great.


Michelle said...

I'm on the resale loop...I read your blog yesterday after your 14 weeks post...I found it VERY moving..and will be following it from now on. I added it to my blog:)

Lisa said...

WOW!!! The last time I saw the babes they were tiny peanuts. Looking great!!