Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you have what it takes to be an EXCEPTIONAL Gestational Surrogate?

Every so often women will approach me and ask if I think they could be a Gestational Surrogate.  They may have read about my three journeys online or they've heard about me or another surrogate and they are intrigued. Really intrigued.

Usually, it seems to be a quick "check-in" of  . . . "I'd be a good candidate, right?" before they apply.  Sometimes my answer is yes and other times, I already know, that they aren't going to be accepted for one reason or another.

The list I'm going to share isn't about the minimum qualifications for my agency, Growing Generations but is about the traits that I've noticed (exceptional/awesome/amazing) surrogates have. 

An AMAZING Surrogate is . . .



willing to be inconvenienced




open minded




able to see the "big picture"



supportive (of her IPs)

supported (by family, friends, etc)


able to keep her eye on the end result



If you think you've got what it takes to be, not just a surrogate but an AMAZING Surrogate, please take a moment to visit Growing Generations' online application.  There you can find out if you meet the minimum qualifications, since you already know you possess some of the traits they would love their surrogates to have.

Experienced Surrogates . . . . if you have any traits to add to the list, please do so in the comments!


Shannon Brink said...

Hi Kelly, what you do is a total blessing...especially to someone like me. I am unable to have my own children due to several health conditions (non-hereditary) that are life threatening if i were to carry. Could we maybe chat sometime regarding the process? My husband and I are just now starting to research surrogacy, though we're looking more into gestational surrogacy involving my fertilized eggs and an angel to carry. Just first hand information from the surrogates side would be amazing to hear! Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in chatting! :) thank you for giving the gift of life to those of us who are unable!

Tomorrow's Parents International said...

Surrogates are everything you just described them to be. They are so important and should be valued more! Thank you for sharing!

Laurel Humes said...

It looks like your Facebook page isn't there anymore. I enjoyed following you. I hope you continue to share your journeys.

Dr. Sofat said...

Great post! I have experienced the same thing during this process...