Friday, August 10, 2012

Made in America

Well, my scheduled c-section was supposed to be Monday the 6th of August. Instead today was my 6 week check-up. Crazy how things work out, eh? Well above is my cute surro babe Alexander, now weighing in at over 9 pounds! He is doing well. I can't wait to see him in person- only another month until I fly over to Australia to speak to members of parliament about Surrogacy. After three days of working, I'll visit my Australian Surro-family. I'm soooooo excited.


Mike and Tony said...

OMGOSH! He is super cute! This pic makes me want to start all over!!!

Ellen said...

beautiful baby!
I am not sure if I contacted you already or not...if so, apologies! I am a PhD student in Paris, France and conduct a research on surrogates. Would you like to participate? it implies responding to 3 questionnaires, not very long, it is anonymous. In France it is still forbidden but mentalities change and I am working for that ;)
Let me know, my email is

Anonymous said...

I hope you don`t havequit blogging? I miss you informative and sometimes funny posts.

I've been so excited to hear about how it went in Australia and had hoped to hear your point of view and what members of parliament about Surrogacy said.

Also miss a little update on all surro your babies and I hope you are in a good place after all you went true in your personale life in the beginning of the year :0)