Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 weeks!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day . . . It started out with an appointment with my OB. "Little Man" was doing great. Excellent heart rate and just relaxing. I love how in the ultrasound picture he's got his hands behind his head, just chillin'.

The only bummer part of the appointment was that they moved the scale from in the bathroom to out in the hallway. Can't really strip down in the hallway . . . ah well. Oh, I take that back, one more bummer part. My OB is moving to LA in April, so someone else will be taking over his practice. I really hope he is Pro-Surrogacy, Pro-Gay Parenting and knows what he's doing. I'd rather not change OBs or Hospitals if I can help it.

On Natasha and Anjali related news . . . the kids and I are going to visit George, Sanj and my surro-girlies this Sunday. YAY!!!!


Courtney said...

Yay! Hope you have fun!! (I know you will ;))

Anonymous said...

All good. Hope new OB is just as fabulous as your old one.

Robin said...

Hi kelly,

I've really enjoyed reading your blog and watching you give people the most amazing gift there is. I'm an IP and matched to a wonderful GS. We just got our calendar and are hoping to transfer the week of 4/2. I've learned a lot from reading your blog and I hope that we are as successful as you :)

Jesse said...

Cute pic!! Do you get an ultrasound every week?? I'm jeaolous!

Have fun with the surro-kiddos!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!

TiffanyDonae said...

Hi Kelly,

First off, thank you so for keeping this blog. I'm a mother of two (a daughter about 6 months older than your surro-girlies and a son about 6 months older than the Wonder Twins). I'm just (hopefully) starting my journey as a surrogate, currently doing my research and talking my husband into it, and I found your blog from a link you posted along with a comment on an article somewhere. I've devoured the last 3 years of your journey in the past two days, and the information has been invaluable to me, especially since we share a lot of the same ideals, and possibly went to the same school (I got my BA in Psych with a minor in Human Sexuality from SFSU).

I was so concerned I was somehow missing some entries during the Wonder Twins pregnancy, and was then surprised and delighted when I realized what was going on (I'm a minor NPH fangirl).

I was so sorry to read about your husband. I, too, was blindsided right out of my first marriage by a man who refused to put any effort into resolution. My situation was totally different, though, as we were high school sweethearts with no children or possessions to speak of. All the same, I remember feeling like I couldn't breathe for weeks. And, then, almost like magic, one day I could.

I hope things are going as well as can be expected for you and your children, and I look forward to hearing more about your journey with your new Little Man, and hope you can follow my journey soon.