Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who has a pair of 10 week old Fetus' swimming in her womb? This girl!

Here's the latest pic of the cutest damn fetus' in the world. They're about 10 weeks and growing. It is amazing the changes in just 2 weeks. During the ultrasound they were moving all around, arms and legs moving about. They were "tag teaming", when one would be moving the other would rest and then they'd switch. Very fun to watch.

Now that we're 10 weeks along and all was great with the ultrasound, I have been released to my OB. I'm lucky that Dr. Knight, who delivered my last two children, is covered by my special surrogacy insurance. I'm excited to be under his care again because he's an amazing doctor. Our first appointment with him will be at the end of the month. We'll be able to do another ultrasound so he can see firsthand what he's dealing with and the Intended Parents will be able to meet him as well.

Oh, and I was able to stop all my medications Saturday. Now instead of pumping myself full of hormones, I only have to take the prenatal vitamins. YEAH!!!

Lastly, an update on questions. I was talking with someone and they asked me, since there are 2, do I get to keep 1 of them? I swear, some people . . . too funny (and by funny I mean ridiculous).

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